Meeting our LA Counterparts!

While most of our friends were sleeping in on Saturday, the Harmony Project student committee woke up early to take a trip down to Harmony Project LA – our first time ever visiting them!

10 middle school students and 2 teachers went to observe their program, taking special note of their “Peer Mentorship” program, where older students are trained to help out in younger classes. Ventura students were paired with LA students, and we had valuable conversations, assisted in classes, played along in orchestra, and observed their most advanced ensemble. We were blown away by how well they play!

Many thanks to Harmony LA for hosting us, as well as Roadrunner Shuttle for their discounted services which made it possible for us to make the trip. It was definitely one of our highlights this year, and we are inspired to be even better musicians.


Percussion Ensemble Rocks Out

This week Harmony Project’s percussion ensemble received a much anticipated visit from NWS Guest Artist Stewart Copeland, former drummer of The Police. We had been working up to this event for months! We played our warmups for him, receiving feedback and compliments, and then presented¬†him with an arrangement of “Walking on the Moon”. He was estatic! Many thanks to Percussion Teaching Artist Paul Hanson for all his hard work.¬†Also, check us out in the Ventura County Star!!