Starting off the Spring

By Amy Agudo, CSUCI Communications Intern

It’s no secret that practice makes perfect but it hardly seems like work when you’re having so much fun with your friends! As we prepare for upcoming performances, we are reminded just how important the program is when it comes to building friendships while having the opportunity to learn something new.



This past week the Musicianship students  really got into the swing of things by incorporating drums into their recorder practice. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see how well the two instruments meshed together. After practicing for a couple classes, the 3rd graders then put a Sheridan Way flashmob, surprising the beginning string ensemble!



Practice for NWS Harmony Project kids always presents a chance for new learning experiences as well as the opportunity for them to truly enjoy themselves amongst their peers.For a quick sneak peak of some of the things we are working on, check out our Instagram! @new_west_symphony