Thank you…

…from the bottom of our !!

The Valentines Day Celebration Brunch was a special opportunity to show our gratitude to our Harmony Project community and all the support they have contributed, which is why we are very pleased to announce that the event was a great success! The Harmony students were incredibly excited to demonstrate all their hard work that they have accomplished over the past weeks. Their preparation for the event was displayed as their performance went flawlessly! It was noticeable that all the students were thrilled to be there interacting with everyone, especially with our special guest Eric Odom.


We would like to thank all the donors, guests, and parents who contributed to the success of the event! Watching the children truly enjoying themselves made the experience all the more enjoyable for the adults. Also, a big thank you to Andrew Conrad, Caitlin Boruch, and Rusty Kennedy  for leading the ensemble groups. We couldn’t have done it without your diligence and dedication! All the warmth and support exhibited by the Harmony Project community makes us eager to host further events in the future.

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