Happy New Year from Harmony Project!

December was a flurry of performances, concerts, intensive rehearsals, and celebrations. We are proud of our accomplishments this year! There were countless victories (big and small), mistakes made, lessons learned (for both kids and adults), and beautiful music created. As we reflect on 2015 with satisfaction and gratitude, we look to 2016 with inspiration and determination – always striving to be a better version of ourselves. Here are a few photos from our Winter Concerts. Thank you to all who attended! We hope your new year is filled with adventure, love, and harmony.


Acts of Kindness

Inspired by the City of Ventura’s “Acts of Kindness” Campaign, the Harmony Project Student Committee performed Christmas music for patients at the Coastal View Healthcare Center this past weekend. The “Acts of Kindness” Campaign was initiated by the city’s Mayor in an effort to encourage citizens to demonstrate generosity in honor of Ventura’s 150th anniversary. Harmony students wanted to spread music and holiday cheer to those who may not normally be able to attend a concert.  It was the first performance of this kind that we’ve done, and we had a blast! THANK YOU to all who made this possible. We’ll see you at our Winter Concerts – Dec 10th and Dec 12th!

Coming Together

The past few weeks we have been bringing together ALL the Harmony Project Middle School students to collaborate on a giant orchestra piece: Carol of the Bells, for our Winter Concert. From violinists who just joined and have only been playing for a couple months to wind players who are in their 5th year of Harmony Project, this is a space where each and every student is involved and contributes to our big sound. Many thanks to Mr. Kennedy for arranging and conducting the piece!

We hope to see you at our Holiday Concerts!

Orch6             Orch7