Planets Performance

Congratulations, Harmony Project students, on an out of this world performance on Friday night at the New West Symphony Concert! 14 students performed excerpts from “Jupiter”, arranged by Roger Steinman, and conducted by Vlad Vizireanu. It was one of our hardest pieces yet, and we received a standing ovation!

NWSConcert2 NWSConcert3 NWSConcert4 NWSConcert5 Many thanks for Jersey Mikes for donating dinner, and of course to our outstanding teachers for their support and guidance.

NWSConcert6 NWSConcert7

Harmony Project Guests

This week we welcomed a group of Teaching Artists from the Incredible Children’s Art Network (ICAN) music program in Santa Barbara, who observed, helped out, and taught guest classes for 3 days. Some highlights: new tonguing techniques, trombone duets, and musical mindgames!┬áThank you ICAN!