Proud to Play (30 hours of) Music!

Monday: Flute Sectional, Blues Class, Chamber Music
Tuesday: Son Jarocho, Keyboard
Wednesday: Wind Ensemble, Full Orchestra
Thursday: Cello Class, Lutherie Class
Friday: Saxophone Sectional, Full Orchestra


Dulce and Citlally sand the wood they are using to make their own instrument


Roland and Alfredo perform Bulgarian music they’ve learned by ear for the rest of the group

Session 2 of the Harmony Project Summer Music Camp has begun! Students are taking all kinds of electives and listening to and playing music ranging from Bach to Elvis to Pirate of the Caribbean. They are playing challenging music on their instruments, learning new instruments, and even building their own instruments. By the end of the session we will have spent 30 hours total in music classes! We can’t wait for our family presentation next week!

New West Symphony’s Youngest Orchestral Musicians

Congratulations to Session 1 of the Harmony Project Summer Music Camp for a successful performance in front of parents, siblings, and neighbors last week! It was our first time playing in a full orchestra, and we worked hard on renditions Dvorak’s “Finale from New World Symphony” and Tchaikovsky’s “Russian Melody”.

Students also performed pieces from their STOMP, keyboard, singing, and Cuban Percussion classes. Now on to Session 2!