You are invited!


HPSpringConcert2014 jpeg

Join us for our final concert of the school year, featuring pieces by composers from Ravel to the Beatles, songs from spiritual to Son Jarocho, and musicians who have been playing from a few months to a few years. We have worked so hard this year and can’t wait to perform for our family and friends!

Welcoming our new 805 friends!

Saturday afternoon marked the first 805 SEMINARIO: a collaboration between 2 programs in the 805 area code region! We were joined by students and teachers from the Incredible Children’s Art Network (iCAN)  in Santa Barbara, a program that shares a mission similar to that of Harmony Project and has kids around our age.


The theme of the afternoon was Jazz Improvisation, which was new to most of the students.  Splitting up into 3 different workshops, teaching artists from each program co-planned and co-led sessions.


We learned new skills, songs, and styles, and most importantly realized that we are not the only kids playing music in the 805 area!



Thoughts from a rising professional

After performing in front of hundreds of people at the final New West Symphony concert of the season, 4th grader Esmeralda shares her experience:

“Hi my name is Esmeralda Robles and I am in Harmony Project and I play the violin.  I want to tell the whole city about the time I performed in Thousand Oaks and how I felt. At first, I felt nervous but then when I walked on the stage I knew that I was going to be great no matter what.  And then when I was done I felt so brave that I jumped in the air and felt happy.  Later, when I got home my dad was so proud of me that he knew that I made the right choice, and then I went to sleep and I dreamed that I was the happiest girl in the world”.