Visit from Harmony Project L.A.

As it turns out, we are not the only Harmony Project in the area! On Saturday we were excited to meet our counterparts from Harmony Project Los Angeles, who made the trek up the 101 to play for and with us.  19 middle and high school students arrived at Bell Arts and gave us a sense of what it’s been like to be a Harmony Project student for 5, 6, or even 7 years.


After performing for us, they helped us play through our winter concert pieces, including El Colas (our Son Jarocho song) which we taught them on the spot! One of the highlights was breaking into small groups and getting private lessons from the more experienced musicians.  Some of us refined our D Major scale or bow holds, and others learned new notes entirely!



We look forward to paying our new friends a visit in L.A.!


Friday afternoon = practice time!

A handful of dedicated students have decided to turn Friday afternoons, a time when most of their friends are out playing or rejoicing in the weekend, into group practice time.  They are helping each other perfect their songs and learn some new ones.  Watch this all pay off in the concert!

IMG_0275 IMG_0274